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Coronavirus Update






Superstars clubs are open as usual for children attending the schools we cover, we have enhanced cleaning regimes and amended practices (tailored to each individual schools situation) to help keep your children, you as parents / guardians, the school staff and our staff teams safe. Measures we are taking to keep you safe include:


  • Enhanced cleaning routines and revised resources to help ensure the environment is clean and stop any cross contamination
  • Increased hand washing / sanitising
  • Revised snack and food practices keeping children in their consistent group
  • One way systems in operation at some schools
  • Consistent groups / bubbles being maintained in line with schools
  • Parents / Guardians being met at the doors and children brought to them
  • Parents / Guardians being asked to wear a mask on school premises and to social distance from others when collecing children


Please note: We are constantly revising our practices in line with updated guidance and individual schools may also have specific arrangements designed to keep everyone safe depending on their size, physical layout etc. For any enquiries about a specific club please contact your club manager who will be able to help you further.


Thank you for your continued support and patience during this period.





Our Breakfast, After School & Holiday Clubs

Superstars Activity Club Limited runs breakfast, after school and holiday clubs at schools in Leicestershire and Gloucestershire. Please look for your region below and click on the button for your specific club or use the menu above.






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